CAD Surveying and Design

Many Turf Managers do not have an accurate record of their playing area and surrounds showing:

  • existing contours;
  • drainage layouts;
  • sprinkler, valve box and quick coupler positions;
  • turf cricket wicket or concrete wicket and practice wicket positions;
  • tees, greens, fairways, bunkers and surrounds position and orientation;
  • fence lines, gates, coaches boxes, scoreboards, floodlight poles;
  • paths, roads, buildings, waste bins, taps, sand bins, signs.

The consequence of not defining these features can be expensive in terms

of damage or in a change of personnel. Everyone can know where the features are located as a permanent record.

CAD Surveys have several benefits.

1. Contour Plan

  • Highlights any drainage problems that exist.
  • Allows for new level design to solve problems.
  • Calculates the exact area for costing maintenance and renovation practices.

2. Master Plans

  • Master plans for future work can be designed so that accurate costings can be calculated and the required work carried out in stages as your budget allows.

3. Setting Out

  • Sprinkler Layouts, Drainage Lines and Goal Post positions can be accurately set out to ensure their correct position on your playing surface.

SportsTurf Consultants can help in several ways by;

1. Carry out the survey

  • We can carry out a full survey to any grid size to pick up all the details required. From this survey information several options are then available (eg. Contour Plans, Irrigation Plans, Drainage Plans, Setting Out information, Master Plans).

2. Design new levels for reconstruction

  • If a reconstruction is required new levels can be designed to fit in with the existing available drainage outlets and surrounding levels.

3. Design of Irrigation Systems

  • An Irrigation System can be designed to suit your specified sprinkler types, the existing water pressure and flow rates and to exactly suit the size and shape of your area.

Once a CAD Survey is completed it can be easily updated as new items are added to the area.

The survey information can also be provided in different “layers” to show only the required information on each drawing (eg. Contour Plan, Irrigation Plan).