• Turf maintenance programs and advice
  • On-site inspection and problem solving
  • Contract monitoring and turf quality assessment
  • Condition audits and usage reviews
  • Recommendations for capital improvements and prioritising upgrade works


Construction Planning, Specification and Supervision

  • Design of levels, drainage and irrigation systems
  • Preparation of specifications and tender documentation
  • Assessment of tenders
  • Supervision of works


Surface Assessment

  • Performance testing of natural and synthetic playing surfaces (surface hardness, traction, green speed, infiltration rate etc)
  • Risk assessment, safety audits and benchmarking


CAD Surveying and Design

  • Surveying of existing areas and fixtures for record purposes
  • Surveying for new construction design levels
  • Contour plans, irrigation plans, drainage plans, setting out for & picking up of drainage and irrigation installations and master plans
  • Calculation of cut and fill volumes
  • Production of 3D picture models for presentation


Diagnostic Soil, Water and Plant Analysis

  • Soil, leaf tissue and water analysis
  • Construction soil suitability testing
  • Cricket wicket soil and bunker sand suitability
  • Disease, insect and weed identification
  • Nematode testing


Research and Product Development

  • Industry funded research projects
  • Pesticide and fertiliser evaluation for the chemical industry
  • Grass cultivar assessment for seed companies


Education and Training

  • Seminars, short courses and lecturing
  • On-site staff training
  • Provision of articles for trade magazines and scientific journals