Ron MacCartney Dip.Agr.Sci., Grad. Dip.Agr.Extn. (Director & General Manager)

As co-founding Director of SportsTurf Ron has had a life long interest in grasses, initially with the Pasture Branch in the Victorian Department of Agriculture, then as Senior Consultant with the Victorian Turf Research & Advisory Institute. Ron has extensive experience in the selection, nutrition and maintenance of grasses for the turf industry. He has specialist knowledge in the construction and refurbishment of all types of turf facilities including sportsfields, golf courses, bowling greens and racetracks. Ron has provided specialist consultancy services to many organisations throughout Australia and is also a regular contributor to national turf publications



Michael Robinson B.Agr.Sci (Hons.)

Michael has extensive experience in the testing of natural and synthetic surfaces and conducting safety audits, risk assessments and benchmarking of sporting surfaces. He also has specialist skills in soil and water analysis, research and development, computing and statistical analysis. He has conducted numerous research trials and product development work for industry including the evaluation of new pesticides, fertilisers, turfgrass varieties and management techniques. Michael is a regular speaker at industry seminars and conferences, has authored two turf books, had papers published in scientific journals as well as written numerous articles for Turf magazines.



Peter Anderson B.App.Sci. (Hort.), Dip.App.Sci (Hort.)

Peter is a highly experienced consultant actively involved in servicing clients within all sectors of the turf and horticultural industry. He has a solid reputation for providing specialist advice to local councils, the racing industry, public and private schools, landscapers, landscape architects & soil suppliers. He has expertise across a range of disciplines including soil science, disease diagnosis, sportsfield auditing, racecourse benchmarking and preparation of construction specifications.  Peter’s expertise across a range of disciplines in horticulture also allows him to provide efficient and cost effective solutions where growing conditions are not ideal.



Sam Myott Adv. Cert. & Ass.Dip.Sci., (Sports Turf Management)

Sam has over 30 years’ experience in turfgrass business management through out Australia and Asia, having managed and worked on many world class golf courses, bowling greens and other sporting facilities through out this region. This includes the construction, grow-in through to high end quality maintenance, including the design, specification development and implementation of construction and maintenance contracts.

His experience covers the development of various environmental management plans for both flora and fauna, recycled water use and the management of large landscape/lawn maintenance and development concepts for body corporate use. Sam has extensive knowledge and understanding of the turfgrass management sector, from all aspects of onsite maintenance through to the expectations of senior management in a variety of large sector organizations.


Michelle Dickinson M. Agr (Turf Management); Grad Dip Agr Sc (Turf Man); Ass DipHort

Michelle has been working in the turf industry for 25 years. Her on-going tertiary studies culminated with a Masters degree in Agriculture (Turf Management) at University of Sydney. Michelle as a keen interest in turf pathology, and has been fundamental in the discovery of a new pathogen of warm season turfgrass, Magnaporthe garetti (Adelaide Patch) and also identified the Phialocephala bamuru pathogen in bowling greens in Victoria.

She has experience in developing programs based on soil cation/nutrient and soil biology relationships; and has provided consultancy to all sectors of the turf industry as well as managing a soil microbiological laboratory. Michelle is based in the Queensland office from where she is developing and servicing SportsTurf clients as needed.


Annette Marrinon

Annette is our office secretary and is the key person for communication, accounts and general details on our range of services.


Peter Farrant

Peter efficiently runs our laboratory and processes samples for our wide range of analytical services.